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The project will collect information on activities concerning e-learning history practices in European universities. The Project will produce publications about e-learning history and teaching in which best practices will be evaluated and new practices of e-learning history will be developed. The evaluation of best practices will focus on four aspects of e-learning history: 1) pedagogy and the creation of materials, 2) teaching/learning quality and quality assessment, 3) administration and platforms, and 4) language and inter-cultural aspects. In particular, history-specific questions, such as source criticism and narrative, will be taken into account.

Final report: E-learning History. Evaluating European Experiences (eds. Anttonen, Onnela & Terho) is available as a pdf-file in three parts:

TOC & Introduction
Part 1: Institutional Approaches
Part 2: Experiments and Pedagogies

Evaluation report available. The pilot course Identities in European history produced by eHLEE has been externally evaluated by Professor Sabine Liebig assisted by Antony Day in Karlsruhe Pädagogische Hochschule Germany. The evaluation report is available as a <pdf-file>

Working Papers 1: Thematic approach to evaluating e-learning history. ISBN 951-29-4005-1. Compilation of subgroup reports by Henri Terho, Sirkku Anttonen and Tapio Onnela. 48 pages, 2005.

Other publications

Enrica Salvatori: Identities in European History: un corso di storia a distanza "europea"(Reti Medievali, 2007)