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eHLEE is coordinated by the Department of History, University of Turku, Finland. The department was in the forefront of adopting elearning possibilities for teaching. It was one of the founders of history teaching at the Virtual University of Finland. Also the department hosted the first encompassing Internet resource for history in Finland, Agricola history network.

The Department of History has been a member of CLIOHnet since 2001. It will be the academic coordinator of a thematic group of CLIOHnet's future phase Also department has been active in European Commission's Tuning project.

The department consists of three schools of history: Finnish History, General History, and Cultural History. The number of staff is ca. 60, and there are ca. 400 full-time students.

The coordinators of eHLEE are Tapio Onnela and Henri Terho. The project secretary is Sirkku Anttonen. They can be contacted at (see below).

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